©2019 by Mary Fraisl

yesterday Italy - today Velden a. Wörthersee - tomorrow on the screen

As a lover of fast cars, it was a pleasure for Max

to drive up to the 21st SportsCarFestival in Velden.

All in white, the Daniel-Craig-lookalike will present itself

on July 12th as a guest of the casino director Paul Vogel 

at the fete blanche at the Wörthersee.

Prof. Markus Weilguny

Stunt coordinator Prof. Markus Weilguny

(www.hosn.at: functional suit pants offering complete freedom

of movement made for elegance and extreme sports-

pre sale starts on july 9th on kickstarter.com)

learns Max to use his body properly in every scene

to eliminate bad guys on the screen professionally.

At the moment, the daily preparation in the form

of strength- and stunttraining is the order of the day.

Because by the end of summer, the shooting of the

new action movie, under the direction of

Prof. Markus Weilguny & Team, begins.

Together with Jason-Statham-lookalike Besnik Tafallari

from Stuttgart, Max is trying to do an almost impossible job.

Whether the native Albanian keeps

Max's back free until the end,

you will see in the spring of 2020!